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Millions of eToro’s users from 140 countries have now access to cutting edge portfolio management designed to help them grow their wealth over the long term. This partnership with eToro is a tremendous opportunity to give the power back to the private investors by enhancing the way they invest with core diversified investment strategies.
Smarter investing is now a breeze.

Our first strategy AlphaCore

If you wish to invest in a core portfolio designed to achieve high returns over the long term this copyfund is what you are looking for. This copyfund has been developed by quantitative portfolio managers of WeSave, the first online private banking platform in France, based in Paris.

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Invested across all the markets through ETFs and indices, the portfolio is both designed to deliver performance regardless of market conditions and to minimize fees.

The portfolio is based on a core‑satellite strategy: the core portfolio is developed according to a macroeconomics scenario and a deep market analysis. The satellite portfolio relies on market thematic rotations and the added value of a risk management framework.

Disclaimer : this strategy has been developed exclusively for the eToro's Copyfund program and does not mimic the exact performances delivered to customers. Your capital is at risk.

  • Managed by a team of skilled investment managers

  • Cutting edge investment strategy

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More strategies to come

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February 14, 2017

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